Our Mission:

Our mission is the ability to choose – Whether it’s where one lives, where we are working from or what we are doing, the vision for The Focus Real Estate Team is for its Family of clients, team members and all those we work & play with to be able to choose their own destiny. This is based upon what, where, how and why they want to do anything & everything in their lives.

Our Vision:

Build enough wealth to choose your lifestyle; Impossible is nothing

“If we can take the principals found in consistent real estate investing, our mission becomes a reality & anyone can achieve this” – Russell Putterman

Our Values:

  • Family
    Our Families are a priority in each of our lives. Spending quality time with our own Family & Friends is paramount to the success of each of us as a person. This fuels our drive to be successful in our business.
  • Fun
    Experiences in life is what we live for.
  • Financial Freedom
    “Careers worth having, businesses worth owning, lives worth living, experiences worth giving, and legacies worth leaving.” – Keller Williams

Our Beliefs:

Open and Honest (over) Communication for a seamless transaction experience
Growth & Learning Based through training, actionable information, ideas, and solutions
Take Ownership in all that we do
Highly Accountable with a standard for excellence – we know our numbers
Healthy Lifestyle in order to be our best self
Success results through people

Our Perspective

This is our approach to working with you and the framework for all decisions made.


Our partnership is conducted with responsiveness, deep engagement and understanding of your needs.


Our team of professionals work collaboratively across several positions, each giving 100% attention to their area of expertise.


Our goal is to make the transaction experience as simple as possible with constant, clear communication and transparency.


We are a team of curious professionals that share a love for real estate and working with people to fulfill their real estate needs. At Focus, we understand how to navigate real estate transactions through the eyes of our clients. Acting as owners, investors, buyers and sellers of both real estate and business transactions, we have keen insight into completing transactions around many complex moving parts.


It takes a team mentality to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves and our clients.


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