On July 27th, our very own Russ Putterman was part of the 500 Million Dollar Panel in Asbury Park. This Mega Camp event was open to all agencies and discussed tips for team building, lead generation tactics, preparing a pipeline and preparing for the shifting market.

Alongside Russ were the following panel members:

In this two hour event, everyone had a chance to explain their business processes and what has gotten them to their current level of success. A list of the top takeaways include:

1. Lead Generation Successes – Every single team had a different approach to processes that work well for their lead gen. The most talked about tactics included:

  • Heavy OSA lead generation
  • Open Houses
  • Getting into the digital space
  • Calling FSBOs
  • Circle Prospecting
  • Scheduled timeframe to hit a certain amount of leads
  • Door-knocking

One crucial item that was brought up was to also evaluate performance every couple of months to see what lead gen sources are performing best and what could be removed from strategy.

2. Team Engagement – The panel offered some ideas for how to get teams engaged and also hold everyone accountable for their roles. At Focus, we have a weekly meeting to go through the “411” – This is a report that reviews the staff’s big yearly goal that is wider scale, followed by a monthly goal that will help to achieve the year long goal and then smaller goals for the week that will help to reach the month goal. Other approaches on the panel consisted of coaching to assist with goal setting, timely structure for prospecting, accountability meetings to track patterns throughout the week and role play practice.

3. Importance of Your Database – When asked the question – “How important is your database to your business”, the answer was unanimous – very important. Real estate is a relationship building business and teams must be utilizing it to maximize opportunities with leads. In this digital age, it is especially important to segment leads and offer different opportunities. For example, if there is a VIP client list, the contacts here may require a heavier amount of communication MOM. 

4. How to re-engage a database that hasn’t been touched in a while – Every once in a while, life can escape us and constant contact engagement can be put on the back-burner. If this is the case, it is recommended to call your past clients, apologize that  you haven’t been in touch in a while, let them know that you are still in real estate and see if you could be of any assistance. With an unengaged database, sharing market updates, community news, interest rates, etc. can also help to get leads more engaged. The goal is to give value to get value back.

5. Market Shifts – As far as NYC real estate goes, we have been in a buyer’s market that started about 60 – 90 days ago. Trading is still occurring, but buyers have leverage.

More information on each panelists’ successes and team strategies can be found in the video below.

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