Buyer Specialist

Are you interested in working with someone who will bring the following to your next buying transaction?

✔ Energy

✔ Enthusiasm

✔ Endurance

✔ Lifetime NYC Knowledge

Well look no further than our very own Buyer Specialist, Trisha Pagliaro!

Born and raised in the New York metropolitan area, Trisha can skillfully guides buyers through the diverse neighborhoods and the complex world of New York real estate. Trisha’s clients and colleagues are in awe of her resourcefulness, speed and knowledge through complex transactions. Clients repeatedly say that she is extremely responsive to inquiries, knowledgeable about the buildings, and will clearly communicate and navigate the buying process. Her own colleagues even refer to her as the “encyclopedia of NYC real estate.

When it comes to working with Trisha, no questions are ever left unanswered and her passion for the industry and NYC shines bright.

In her spare time, Trisha enjoys traveling, bike riding, yoga, and reading. An avid traveler, Trisha has spent time living abroad in various countries and continues to pursue her passion for global flavor, giving her an edge on connecting with international clientele.

If you would like to connect with Trisha to learn more about how she could assist with your next move, contact her today.